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3 Tips to Help You Stand Out From the App Pack

3 Tips to Help You Stand Out From the App Pack

For just about anything you’re looking to accomplish these days — be it ordering a ride, sending a quick message or finding a new love interest — “There’s an app for that.” Apple recently announced that the iOS App Store has reached 1.2 million apps, and Google is estimated to have a similar selection of Android apps in its Google Play store.

These applications occupy valuable real estate and memory on consumers’ devices, so a user naturally becomes selective about which ones get the privilege of staying. According to a study recently released by Nielsen, the average person uses only 26 apps in regular rotation.

This means businesses can’t just deliver “any old mobile experience.” They have to provide contextual relevance derived from personal data. Google’s Larry Page explained his “toothbrush test” to assess the worth of a company: Is this something you’ll use once or twice a day, and does it make your life better? While this may seem a daunting task given the sheer number of apps in the market, here are three angles to make yours pop.

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