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3 Tips To Increase Conversion With Video

3 Tips To Increase Conversion With Video

Consumers expect a visually engaging online shopping experience that also happens to be personalized at the same time. This is especially important among those of the millennial age bracket, born 1980-late 90’s, also known as the “Youtube generation”.

According to a recent study from Digiday , 52% of consumers said that watching videos makes them more confident about their purchase decisions.

But people are not only more confident about buying a product, they’re also more likely to share the product. Invodo states 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. And that is coming from a mobile phone!

At one time the tv was said to be just a passing fad and that radio was the way of the future. People wanted a more visually appealing experience and the tv filled that need. Much like the tv/radio illustration, video is helping merchants to fill that need consumers seem to want.

Incorporating video into your eCommerce store shouldn’t replace anything that you have already. It should be used to complement to what you’ve already got.

Although there’s no rules set in stone on how you can use video, there are best practices you should pay attention to. Here are 7 tips we’ve put together to increase conversion with video.

Running Time

Keep your video running time short, preferably under a minute long. The watch time should be quick, unless your product is very specialized or technical.

The average person’s attention span for online video watching is only about 2 minutes engaged. That’s why you need to cut your videos short. The shorter the video, the more likely someone will stay with you.

Patagonia, a store catering to outdoor adventurers, does an incredible job of this. A lot of their products are quite technical and although their specs tell you what their products can do, their video shows you! Take a look.

Notice the video was under a minute long, yet informative and to the point. It likely held your attention for the full minute, anything longer may have been too much.

No Filters

Just because filters may work well for your cat videos on Instagram (just me?), doesn’t mean they will work well for your product videos. There is no need to try and get artsy or fancy, just work on positioning your product in the best possible way.

Take a look at how Asos uses video for their products. No filters, no gimics, just a model walking. The point of the video is to show what the product looks like in every day life.

Don’t use filters that manipulate the way your product looks.


Product videos should be shot in a way that highlights the product as honestly as possible. This means backgrounds and sets need to highlight the product without overselling what it can do or how it looks.

On the other hand if the video is too plain, the product could come out looking cheap. You don’t want it to look like something you filmed in grade 10 video class. Not a good look.

If possible, hire a professional or rent professional equipment that you can use and research how to put together a professional looking video. Great lighting and a great setup will make all the difference.

Look how simple Patagonia’s product video was. Just a simple wood background, the product nicely displayed on a mannequin and a guy articulating the product specs clearly. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Be Creative

These three tips shouldn’t just be applied to a product video but rather, applied to any sort of video in your eCommerce store. There are many different ways to incorporate video into your online store.

Be Social

Boosted boards, an electric skateboard company, has a video on their homepage which plays underneath their testimonials section.

They also have a video section where you can scroll through and see videos from youtube of various people using their product.

It’s a smart way to really build a community around your brand and get people sharing. And people will share. For example take a look at these stats from The Crazy Egg blog:

  • In 2013 more than 700 YouTube videos were shared every minute on Twitter
  • More than 500 videos were watched daily on Facebook.

Explainer video

Explainer videos are short videos that are used to tell a company’s story. They allow a business to clearly define who their company is and gives them a chance to explain why they are unique.

How we communicate with each other is changing rapidly and people are starting to be able to detect who is genuine and who isn’t. If you’re going to tell your story you have go to be authentic. Sites such as The Oyster Bed use video to tell their story and they do a brilliant job of it.

Explainer videos are a powerful selling feature as, according to a study found at work.com, they can increase conversion rates by 20%

How To Videos

How to videos position you as an expert in your industry and can be extremely helpful. If for example you are selling hair tools, you could create a youtube channel that shows how to create different hair styles using your products. Or, if you’re selling baking supplies, show videos on how to make cupcakes or cakes. This is a great way to get clicks back to your site.

Start Converting With Video

Whether you use video to show a product or tell your story, the information you share needs to be engaging. Online shoppers want merchants to be honest about their products. The closer you can present your product to what it looks like in real life, the closer you will be to converting visitors.

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