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5 Free & Low-Cost Ways to Get Traffic Now

5 Free & Low Cost Ways to Get Traffic Now

Part of marketing involves showing how you do things differently and give better value than anyone else. And then another part of it is getting your message out through the appropriate channels.

2 different sciences. Each has its own challenges.

Learn how to get free and low-cost traffic to your e-commerce site:

1. Guest Blogging at Popular Industry Blogs

Let’s be honest: This one’s getting increasingly difficult.

Everyone wants to guest blog these days because it’s such a great way to get a good amount of targeted traffic. But if you can land a spot at a popular blog, it’s well worth your time.

The real challenge involves getting in. The best way to do that is to comment on popular blogs so the authors know your name.

Share their stuff on social media – and let them know about it. It takes time, but eventually pays off.

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