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5 Need-to-Know Ecommerce Redesign Best Practices

5 Need to Know Ecommerce Redesign Best Practices

At the point you feel like you are due for a redesign, its probably a little too late. The most successful online stores are in a constant state of change, ever-evolving toward future goals. This means preparing for the mobile-local change long before Google’s algorithm forced you to. It means becoming a social-first brand that uses all available networks to not only connect with customers and fans, but genuinely talk to them, too. It means putting your customer first and prioritizing their wants.

And, when it comes to ecommerce site design, what the consumer wants is pretty simple: convenience.

I once met with a Pinterest influencer who said, “Ecommerce is like grocery shopping. Yes, customers absolutely care about the ingredients and where the item comes from, but they aren’t going to pick up the box and read that information unless the packaging catches their eye first.”

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