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5 ways to better engage mobile visitors

5 ways to better engage mobile visitors

The statistics don’t lie – mobile browsing has quickly become more common than desktop browsing, and mobile visitors tend to show higher rates of engagement than desktop users. However, the window of engagement time is also shorter for mobile users, which means they stay on your site for less time and come back less frequently. While someone browsing a site on their laptop or desktop might leave a few tabs open and go idle, only to return later on to continue reading, this type of tabbed behavior is not as common amongst mobile visitors.

The average small business website gets about 20% of its traffic from mobile devices, but that number is continually growing and for some sites it is much higher. Thus, the best way to make optimal use of a huge portion of your site’s traffic is to push mobile engagement during the initial visit. Here are a few reasons to focus on engaging mobile users:

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