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9 iOS, Android Apps to Boost Productivity

9 iOS, Android Apps to Boost Productivity

It’s hard to imagine that not so long ago, the most advanced digital tools for productivity were clunky desktop PCs. Now, it seems there is a product, app or service for anything a modern employee could need or want to get things done.

Employee habits and preferences have changed along with technology. No longer are workers tethered to their desks, as the rise of mobile devices has enabled them to work from anywhere in the world. Cloud technology lets them access their documents no matter which device is at hand.

Tech companies have recognized the shift in employee preferences and are working to meet their needs. Microsoft, the dominant force in digital productivity, has narrowed its focus on accommodating modern workers. Its upcoming Windows 10 platform will come in a variety of editions, three of which are optimized for business, and changes to its Office suite will enable mobile productivity.

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