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Android, iOS, Windows Phone: What’s Best For BYOD?

Protecting data on mobile devices is more important than ever, especially with workers using their own smartphones and tablets. For IT pros, which of the three major platforms — iOS, Android, Windows — provides the best option for a BYOD plan?

Enterprises grappling with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend have moved from talking about “if” they should allow employees to use their personal devices at work, to “how” these personal devices can be managed while still protecting data. Knowing which security features are standard on each smartphone operating system is a step in the right direction for IT organizations.

BYOD environments require heightened security on all the available platforms in smartphones and other devices. For IT departments, this means evaluating each mobile operating system, and keeping up to date on changes in Apple’s iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms.

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