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Busted SEO Campaign? Fix It With 3 Easy Checks!

You’ve sold an SEO project to a small business customer, targeted the right keywords, optimized the Web design, promoted the site, and earned quality links – but 90 to 120 days into the campaign, things aren’t going so well.

Now what should you do?

Here’s a simple checklist to review campaigns and find roadblocks that might be impeding success. This month the focus is on-site issues. Next month’s post will cover off-site issues.

The Initial Client Check

First things first. Check the work that has been done against what’s going on in the industry. Mistakes may have been made somewhere in the process. Google might have come out with an update that hit the client harder than expected. Worse, the competition might be fighting back and winning.

Review any changes to the site’s ranking and traffic, and then compare the results with the dates of the known algorithm updates.

Identify who the client’s competitors are – the sites that are ranking above the client on target terms – and figure out if they’re doing anything to be king of the hill. Do they have a higher domain authority? What about their links?

Double-check the keywords that the client’s targeted. Are they highly competitive? You want your clients to aim high, but not too high! They need have realistic expectations. The client should consider some alternatives to the super hot industry keywords

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