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Dying Light Season Pass starts now

Dying Light Season Pass starts nowDying Light already has plenty of ground to cover – and by ‘ground’ I mean ‘rooftops’ because there’s a ton of freaking zombies down there, man – but the Season Pass is your meal ticket if you’re still hungry for more. And now you can know exactly when you’ll get it, as Dying Light developer Techland has laid out the full slate for its current DLC plans.

The pass will set you back $19.99/£15.99, which Techland says accounts for a 10 percent saving off of buying each individually – though you may get some of it free if you pre-ordered in Europe. What else comes with the pass? Click on and find out!

Dying Light Season Pass starts nowTrue to its name, this pack introduces two new missions which see you exploring a ritzy restaurant and a railyard. They’ve both been sealed off since the earliest days of the outbreak, so by now all the zombies have probably lost interest or died, leaving behind tons of supplies for whoever cares to waltz in and take them, right? Right. Cuisine & Cargo releases February 10 in the US and February 11 in Europe.

Dying Light Season Pass starts nowYou like surviving, right? Do you like… ultimately surviving? Then you may be interested in the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, which is planned for release in March. It packs in three special outfits (including a dapper-looking suit and a full-fledged ninja get-up) and four new blueprints for even-more-over-the-top melee weapons. Just don’t let Frank West find out you’re biting on his style.

Dying Light Season Pass starts nowIt’s like some kind of law of the universe that every co-op game needs a horde mode, and The Bozak Horde will make all right in Dying Light in May. Granted, you can also play through the new stadium map and battle the mysterious Bozak on your own, but it’s always more fun to break waves with a buddy.

Dying Light Season Pass starts nowThat’s all I know about Dying Light’s DLC plans for now, but make sure you check back in for any more details as they surface! Until then, let me know what you think about Techland’s post-release plans in the comments.

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