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ET deals: HP Envy Core i7 desktop with Windows 7 for $685

Tomorrow marks one and a half years to the day since the release of Windows 8 to consumers, but adoption remains in the teens as many users are reluctant to embrace Metro. Retailers have responded to demand by supplying computers running Windows 7, and if you’re pining for the Windows you’re used to in an otherwise premium machine, look no further than today’s great deal on an HP Envy desktop.

ET deals: HP Envy Core i7 desktop with Windows 7 for $685

This HP Envy 700-215xt desktop features a high-end Haswell Core i7-4770 quad-core processor, and there’s nothing last generation about the performance you can expect out of that. That CPU will let you fly through the familiar desktop environs of Windows 7 Home Premium that you’ll find pre-installed.

Along with the speedy processor this desktop is loaded with 8GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive, which gives you plenty of memory for multitasking and storage. Of course, since it’s a desktop, it’s relatively easy to upgrade your components. The Envy allows for tool-less access for those who want to do it themselves, or you can opt for pre-installed upgrades of up to a 3TB hard drive with SSD cache, 16GB RAM, and more.

ET deals: HP Envy Core i7 desktop with Windows 7 for $685

HP has included plenty of connectivity options, including a pair of USB ports and headphone/mic jacks in a landing pad on top of the tower. In total there are eight USB ports, DVI, and a multi-card reader standard, as well as built-in wireless (802.11n) and Bluetooth.

With a polished, modern, layered look, as well as a sliding front panel and the aforementioned landing pad, this desktop is well designed and will look good wherever you put it. HP backs this with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind as well.

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