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Fujifilm’s X-T10 is a smaller, cheaper flagship camera

Fujifilms X T10 is a smaller, cheaper flagship camera

Fujifilm’s X-series line of cameras have hewn to a specific tenet: great image quality married to a retro aesthetic that encourages a more manual approach to photography. Last year’s X-T1 hits the peak of this idea: it has a retro film SLR design packed with seemingly endless buttons and dials. And it takes tremendous photos. But the X-T1 is a serious camera for serious picture takers, and it has a serious price to match.

Not everyone that wants to take better photos than their smartphone allows is willing to spend nearly two thousand dollars or more to do so. That’s why today Fujifilm is introducing the X-T10, a smaller, cheaper version of the X-T1 that’s more approachable without losing the appeal of its bigger sibling. The X-T10 will be available in black or silver starting this June for $799.95 body-only or for $899.95 with a 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. A kit with the higher-end 18-55mm f/2.8-4 lens will sell for $1,099.95. (The comparable X-T1 kit retails for $600 more.) It is compatible with XF and XC lenses from Fujifilm, of which there are now 18 available, as well as third-party lenses made for the X-mount.

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