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Google rolls out Dynamic Search Ads

Google rolls out Dynamic Search Ads

Google has announced that its Dynamic Search Ads service has been enhanced and retooled ‘from the ground up’. It offers new functionality in AdWords, which was made available to all advertisers around the world yesterday.

Instead of you setting up your ads manually to target certain keywords, Dynamic Search Ads are generated automatically when a search is relevant to the content on your website.

But, how does Google know the search is relevant to your website you may be thinking? Google trawls your site in the same way that it does to establish organic web rankings, indexing your site. It creates the ad automatically based on the products/services you offer and on what people are searching for. These targeted ads are useful because they allow you to reach users that wouldn’t normally covered by your keywords. A good example if you are a hotel in Whitby, you may have a Google ad words ad set up for ‘Hotels in Whitby’. This works for people searching that term. But what about people arriving and searching ‘Hotels near me’? Google can automatically create an ad for that search when it is relevant to your businesses (i.e. when the person searching is near to your business).

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