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Hands-on review: MWC 2015: ZTE Star 2

Hands on review: MWC 2015: ZTE Star 2

While ZTE has a big presence in Asia, it’s yet to break into other markets in the same way, but at the Chinese’s firm booth at MWC 2015 its latest handsets and edging closer to the standards expected from consumers in other territories.

A good example of this is the ZTE Star 2, a nicely designed handset with freshly update voice recognition for the English language – a clear signal of intent that it will be coming to Western markets.

I was told Europe could expect the Star 2 to arrive during Q2 (Apr-Jun) of this year, although exact countries are currently unknown, as is the price.

The phone looks nice, with a rolling top and bottom edge and a silver rim providing a little bit of premium styling.

It’s a plastic affair, but the Star 2 feels sturdy enough with its glass front and back, and it sits nicely in the hand.

At 6.9mm thick the ZTE Star 2 is suitably slender, and the limited bezel surrounding the screen keeps the proportions to a manageable 140 x 69.2mm.

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