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Hands-on review: Nvidia GRID

Hands on review: Nvidia GRID

Requirements and game library

In theory, Grid – Nvidia’s online game streaming service in the same vein as PlayStation Now – is a wonderfully benevolent service made exclusively for Nvidia hardware owners. It’s like the yacht club of gaming.

While Sony is grabbing subscribers’ cold, hard cash hand-over-fist, Nvidia is offering 40 PC-quality games for free until June 2015 and also has a few dozen games available for purchase through the Grid store.

I saw the service for the first time during autumn 2014 and had a lot of positive comments. Now, several months later, the service has grown in line with Nvidia’s predictions by doubling the amount of games available and the general stability of the stream.

In practice, the final product isn’t perfect – it turns out a dropped connection can really kill your gaming experience. But in the time since launch Grid has taken a step in the right direction for gamers ready to frag physical media.

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