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Hands-on review: Razer Forge TV

Hands on review: Razer Forge TV

Razer isn’t afraid to branch out into new territory. Take its sound bar, the Razer Leviathan, for example.

It’s essentially a bass-heavy sound bar for gamers who wouldn’t necessarily have ventured into audio equipment. Or consider the Razer Nabu, a smartband built for casual exercise enthusiasts and marketed to the legion of gamers. Or how about the developer-conscious Razer OSVR?

The list of new products go on and on.

The $99/£99 Forge TV, an Android TV micro-console that’s a step between the Nexus Player and new Nvidia Shield, may not be as much of an outside-of-the-box idea for Razer as a new VR headset, but it’s something new for gamers who usually stick to consoles and PCs.

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