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How Site Design Affects Your Conversion Rate

How Site Design Affects Your Conversion RateThe world of ecommerce is ever-changing and even the seasoned ecommerce professional can get overwhelmed with the amount of detail. Between managing your site to ensure proper inventory flow, to optimizing every page for conversion via A/B testing, there’s a lot to do to reap the benefits of all the internet has to offer including SEO, social media and inbound marketing.

Don’t worry, though. To help out all ecommerce professionals, from those just starting their own store, to those managing a site for a legacy brand, we’re dedicating a weekly post to making sure you’ve got your I’s dotted and T’s crossed when it comes to running an online business.

This week, we’ll be explaining how your ecommerce site design affects your conversion rate –– and how to optimize your site aesthetics in a way that encourages more browsers to become actual customers. From your logo and branded color and font choices to your homepage and product page designs, every single aspect of how your site looks matters. Why? Because well-designed sites give off the feel of professionalism, and professionalism breeds trust from consumers. When consumers trust your brand, they purchase more often and when they purchase your products and like them, they tell their friends and your brand begins to grow.

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