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How to Build Your E-Commerce Business When You Already Have a Job

How to Build Your E Commerce Business When You Already Have a Job

Ahhh…the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, doesn’t it?

You work your job day in and day out for years.

But there’s got to be something better than that, doesn’t there?

You’ve had an idea of running your own business for some time, but how do you make that happen?

The process works different for everyone, but here’s a general outline you can follow:

1. Start with a High-Margin Product

This is the key right off the bat. You have a limited number of hours. And if you sell products with low profit margins, that forces you to put more time in your business.

Time you don’t have!

2 types of high-margin products:

1) You make your own product that’s hard to find anywhere else online

2) You can resell traditionally high-margin products like these

If you want to sell a product, but don’t have one, start selling someone else’s. Then, when you have your business established, you can explore how to sell other products.

2. Outsource Everything Possible

You may not have a lot of time available, but you can certainly use someone else’s. Sites like Upwork and Elance give you access to freelancers that charge $10 – $15 per hour (expect to pay $90 – $125 if you find these same people on the web or through an agency).

Figure out what you can pay. And hire someone to do the small stuff, and the stuff you don’t want to do.

Time is money, and your mental sanity will thank you that you don’t do everything yourself!

3. Give Yourself Time

Business usually isn’t a fast thing. And that goes especially so if you’ve never run a business before.

Consider your e-commerce company your side venture for a couple years.

And when you’re ready to make a run, let go of your job.

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