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Is this the end of Windows 10 Mobile?

Is this the end of Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft recently presented its current quarterly earnings report and de facto admitted: Windows 10 Mobile is dead. The operating system virtually plays zero role in the market, and that’s not something Microsoft can or should brag about.

It’s probably best to deal with this saga like a band-aid. Rip it off with one quick motion to minimize the pain. Microsoft is probably taking this philosophy to heart now, and looking to put end to the Windows 10 Mobile experiment. The current business figures show the whole extent of Microsoft’s misery: Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone have contributed just about five million dollars to the company’s finances – which, considering the size of Microsoft, is a joke. Two years ago, when the mobile division was already showing signs of decay, it had still contributed around 1.4 billion dollars.

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