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Key Digital Advertising stats Q2 2015

Key Digital Advertising stats Q2 2015

The results from Kenshoo’s advertisers for the 2nd quarter of 2015 are in, and they reveal the trend towards mobile is as strong as ever. 36% of digital advertising spend it now on mobile, which is double the rate of last year. Mobile also made up 63% of paid social spending, which reflects how consumers are accessing social.

This infographic delivers good news for PPC marketers. Cost per Click is down 5% on last year, whilst click through rate is up by 4%, clicks by 17% and impressions by 12%. This has helped facilitate increased spending on PPC ads, with this rising by 10% on last year. Social ads have also seen strong growth, with declines in cost per click and big increases clicks. The lower impression volume with social is due to structural changes with Facebook. It will be interesting to see how Facebook’s change to its CPC click calculation will affect these results in Q3. I’m a bit skeptical of the stat that click through rate on social is up by 535% since last year. Whilst marketers are getting better and using social to archive their business objectives, I’m not sure they are improving quite that fast!

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