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Marketing Automation: A Lesson in Irony

Marketing Automation: A Lesson in Irony

Though automatic by nature, automated marketing technology still requires a degree of monitoring. This explains why it’s critical for marketers to manage these systems.

The advent of marketing automation has created an ironic business dilemma. On one hand, the most appealing thing about automated marketing technology is its automatic functionality. By definition, these technologies should require minimal human intervention. On the other hand, it seems as if the complex nature of this technology demands a hands-on approach to installation, followed by additional expert assistance.

The premise is simple – leverage insanely intelligent software as a service (SaaS) technology to automate mundane or routine tacks. Invest in these platforms to enable real-time segmentation, personalization, and dynamic messaging. Enjoy these advanced and complex offerings and watch your team become more efficient, do more with less people and enjoy more strategic roles. However, the reality is another story.

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