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Opera Unveils Cross-browser Monetisation Solution for Networks

Opera Unveils Cross browser Monetisation Solution for NetworksOpera Software has introduced Rocket Marketer, a new cross-browser monetisation solution that aims to let mobile operators generate new revenues and grow market share by re-establishing a direct touch point with customers on their mobile devices.

Rocket Marketer is designed to enable operators to easily distribute offers, facilitate content discovery and monetise users with highly targeted in-session advertising and messaging. It displays offers, content and alerts within users’ browsing experiences, based on contextual information.

“Operators typically only have two guaranteed monthly interactions with their customers: the monthly bill, and the network signal-strength bars on the device,” said Nitin Bhandari, president of network solutions at Opera. “These two touch points often leave customers frustrated and confused. Rocket Marketer instead lets operators take control of conversations with their subscribers and speak to them in a highly targeted manner that’s advantageous to both consumer and operator.”

Among the wide range of communications open to operators are loyalty programs, customer service notifications and interstitial advertisements, as well as content and app recommendations, data retailing or similar operator services, or even unique customer-targeted, operator-branded experiences.

The solution doesn’t require any software preload or download on the customers part, and can be quickly deployed by operators. It runs in a flexible network configurations, and its unique targeting and recommendation is fully powered by Opera Mediaworks, one of the largest independent ad platforms currently running.

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