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Review: Gigabyte P35W v5

Review: Gigabyte P35W v5

Gigabyte’s P35W v5 gaming laptop costs a reasonable $1,877 (about £1,300, or AU$2,599), but the firm has packed an awful lot in: high-end Nvidia and Intel hardware, an M.2 SSD drive and a 4K display so that you can chew through all of the dazzling titles on our best 4K games list. In theory, anyway.

The P35W’s modest price means this isn’t the best-looking gaming laptop. Its metal body doesn’t show off with bright lights or dramatic design: it’s dark and plain, with sensible angles and a few unsightly seams. It’s not as striking as the Aorus X5 v5 or the similarly-priced Acer Predator 15.

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