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Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

Intro and design

As the modern small business continues to incorporate new technology into their workflows, tablets have begun to supplement notebook computers. The iPad Air 2 ($499, £399, AU$619) is still the flashy king of the tablet world, but with Apple’s reputation for building units that shatter too easily, a need exists in the market for a battle-tested tablet.

In comes the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, one of the first built-to-be-tested, yet inexpensive tablets. Sure Panasonic has the Toughpad FZ-M1, but that’s a Windows 8.1 device that will run you $2,099 (£1,183 or AUD $2,358). Not exactly a viable option for the office klutz limited to a tablet-sized budget.

Beyond that, tablet manufacturers have not offered many viable enterprise options, so the Tab Active is best compared to mid-tier consumer tablets, especially if you consider that Samsung sells the 8.0-inch Tab Active for $699.99 (around £465 and AU$907). That’s with a 16 GB hard drive, and if you went to Apple or Google for a mini tablet with the same disk space, both the 7.9-inch iPad Mini 3 and the 8.9-inch HTC Nexus 9 start at only $399 (around £265 and AU$517).

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