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SEO: Q&A for Google’s ‘Mobile-friendly’ Algorithm

SEO: Q&A for Google’s ‘Mobile friendly’ Algorithm

Google’s “mobile friendly” algorithm update, to be released on April 21, has understandably created a major shift in the way ecommerce sites think about their mobile search optimization strategies.

Announced over a month ago, the “mobile friendly” algorithm update will have what Google calls a “significant impact” on mobile search results worldwide. On April 21 and rolling out over the following week, Google will begin to give a ranking performance boost to sites that provide searchers with a positive mobile experience.

In contrast, sites that do not meet Google’s definition of mobile friendliness will very likely see a reduction in visits and conversions from their Google mobile organic search channel. To learn more about the update itself, read my article “SEO: Google to Make ‘Mobile-friendly’ a Ranking Signal.”

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