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Which Ad Format Will Dominate 2015?

Which Ad Format Will Dominate 2015?It’s 2015. It’s also “the year of the native ad,” says Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.

“Yahoo! is pushing the native advertising industry forward as fast as it can,” notes stock analysis site Trefis. “With a headline on its blog declaring 2015 “The Year of the Native Ad,” and claiming the industry will double in size within the next three years, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer wants to move to #1 from her current #3 position in the mobile advertising business.”

Native ads, unlike traditional display ads, are more effective at pushing more organic content. And they work exceedingly well on mobile, which Mayer and other industry heavyweights know is the wave of the future for digital advertising.

“Mayer is banking on mobile and sponsored content to spark growth in Yahoo!’s struggling advertising division,” contends Trefis author Aaron Maley. “Yahoo!’s legacy advertising revenues are declining about 1 percent overall annually, with banner ad revenues leading the decline at -5 percent annually.”

Which Ad Format Will Dominate 2015?

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