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Windows 10 Mobile, Office Online Update: Microsoft Roundup

Microsoft withheld exciting news of its Windows 10 Phone preview and Office Online upgrades until late this week.

The news rolled slowly out of Redmond this week, picking up in speed on Thursday and Friday when announcements of acquisitions, upgrades, and a new Windows 10 preview for phones left the tech community abuzz.

We kicked off the week with a reflection on Satya Nadella’s first year as Microsoft’s CEO. The new leader started with a splash and has since delivered an intense focus on mobile and cloud throughout his first year at the helm. After a tremendous year of new updates and products, we’re looking forward to what’s in store for 2015.

This week’s Patch Tuesday brought its usual news of updates for critical security flaws, but one fix stood out from the pack. In addition to providing a cumulative update for Internet Explorer and addressing a problem in Kernel-Mode Driver, Microsoft unveiled a revamp for JASBUG, a vulnerability that endangers organizations using Active Directory.

The vulnerability, which could leave millions of machines at risk, is a root-level issue that affects core aspects of Windows and required some intense engineering from Microsoft to fix. Its patch released this week took a year to complete.

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