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You Can’t Create Digital Businesses Without E-Signatures

You Cant Create Digital Businesses Without E Signatures

Two converging trends — the growth of the mobile workforce and digital business processes — are giving a big boost to the e-signature market.

That’s the word from Michael Laurie, co-founder and VP of product strategy at Silanis, an electronic signature provider.

“Acceptance for e-signatures has been growing over the past years in terms of end user adoption,” he said, noting that customer experience is a priority. If users don’t like an e-signature solution, they won’t use it, he said.

Market in Flux

Laurie’s perspective on the e-signature market completes a picture of the space that we have been looking at over the past few weeks.

Earlier, Mark Grilli, VP, Adobe Document Services at Adobe, Adobe’s EchoSign, blamed lack of support from C-suite executives for holding back broader adoption of e-signatures.

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